Site Hosting

Whether or not we design your site we can host it. If you are designing your own site or wish to transfer it from another hosting company, we will help and advise you all the way.

Tailored to your needs

Why pay for features you don't need? Not all web sites require the same disk space, e-mail accounts, domain name registration, database access etc. We provide hosting which is completely tailored to your own specific requirements. This not only saves you money initially, but also gives you the scope to change your account when your requirements change.

Disk space

When you sign up with any hosting company you are effectively leasing hard disk space on the hosts servers. This space is used to hold your web site files. We provide you with the space you initially require plus a generous additional allocation for the future growth of your site.

Data transfer

This is a measure of the amount of data your visitors download from your site. Sites with a large graphical content will transfer more data than sites with a low or more textual content. We initially estimate your requirements based on our professional assessment of your site contents and the number of expected visitors. We then monitor your site on a regular basis to ensure that your site is performing as required. This ensures that you are not paying for transfer you are not using and that your visitors are getting the performance they expect.

One page to co-location

Whether your requirement is for a single page web site or for a mission critical e-commerce co-located server, we can provide a solution. Not only does this give you what you require from day one, it also gives you the reassurance that as your requirements grow in the future, we are in a position to provide you with all the resources you need.

SSL, ASP, SQL, DSN, ActiveX, COM, FTP, VPN, Log Files, Passwords, Email

Simply put, we can offer a vast range of additional services. Also, if you require something a little out of the ordinary, our in-house software design team will almost always be able to offer you a solution.